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Pocket Dusty

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My Pocket Dusty is a uniquely designed handheld vacuum cleaner that can be used to clean places where the usual vacuum cleaner would possibly fail. This device has a very powerful suction and comes with multi-flex tube-like elongated bristles that help dislodge dirt from surfaces while cleaning. You are able to use this device without cords trailing behind you limiting you to where you can take this cordless cleaning machine. Cleaning it is easy too.
Pocket Dusty is Perfect For:
  -In The Car
  -Children’s Car Seats
  -Window Blinds
  -Air Conditioner Vents
  -Cleaning Your Coin Tray Without Removing The Coins
  -Inside Drawers & More
  -In Between Furniture Cushions
1.Highly Portable
While purchasing a cleaning tool or electronic device meant to be used around the house, well, that is precisely what you want it to do. You want it to be portable enough to be used anywhere around your house. No matter how good such a device is at cleaning, if it cannot get there it cannot clean there. 
Pocket Dusty has been built in a way that makes it highly compact and very light in terms of weight. This makes it very easy to use around the house just like one would with one of those hand-held dusters made of fine synthetic fibers attached to a central boom. What’s more, this device is totally cordless, making it very easy to take around the house without being restricted to being used only in places which have a power outlet somewhere nearby.
2.Easy to Clean
Cleaning a device meant to help you with cleaning around your house should always be as easy and straightforward as possible. The cleaning task around the house can itself be daunting enough, you don’t need to end up having to sit afterwards and also spend unnecessary amounts of time cleaning the cleaning device itself. 
This is something the manufacturers of Pocket Dusty have certainly taken care of completely. In order to clean this device all you have to do is simply twist off the dust container and empty it into your rubbish bin. You can then simply twist the container back onto the device and carry on cleaning your house.
3.Multi-flex Tubes
Along with the power this device showcases, you will also find that the entire suction surface of the nozzle of this machine is lined with a series of unique tubular structures. These structures are considered to be multi-flex tubes that the manufacturer has placed so as to help dislodge dirt that is slightly more stuck to the surface than otherwise. As soon as the dirt is loosened from the surface it was stuck to it is immediately sucked into this vacuum duster through this same opening containing these tubes.