Lighty - Lightsabers
Lighty - Lightsabers
Lighty - Lightsabers
Lighty - Lightsabers

Lighty - Lightsabers

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Do you want to know what it's like to hold a real Lightsaber? The Lighty Lightsabers are just about as close as you could get to it! Crafted in the same style and specifications as the original movie props, the Lighty Lightsabers are equipped with motion and clash sensors and the lightsaber sound effects make you feel like you're holding a real lightsaber! 

It literally feels like you're holding a real lightsaber with a bright, glowing blade and the ever so familiar and memorable Lightsaber hum when it's ignited. When you swing your Lighty Lightsaber around, it makes the appropriate movement sounds and when the blade of your Lightsaber is impacted, it makes that ever familiar Lightsaber clashing sound.

  • The Lightsaber uses realistic sound FX when you turn it on or when you strike something!

  • Watch the Lightsaber change colors when you move it swiftly through the air, strike an object, or make contact with another Lightsaber.

  • Got a theme party or wedding coming up? These swords are a huge hit at events!

  • The blade is made from a durable polycarbonate plastic, so it can be used for light duelling and playing!

  • Please note: just like any other Lightsaber or toy sword, if you strike a hard object at full superman strength you may end up damaging the Lightsaber!

  • Inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. 

The package contain: 2 X Lightsabers

The batteries are not included