Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set
Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set
Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set
Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set
Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set
Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set

Hand Crafted Wooden Music Box Set

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Create true analog, original melodies with our Wooden Music Box. No screens. No cables. No distractions. Just you, your music, and an eternal piece of technology.
  • Designed for original music creation
  • Easy to use
  • Includes hole puncher, 3 pre-made melody paper strips, & 2 blank paper strips
  • Helps foster musical literacy
  • Totally analog
  • Hand-crank operated
  • Handmade from real wood
  • What is the purpose of the Music Box?

    While it probably won’t replace your smartphone as your primary music player, this fully analog, hand-cranked music box delivers simple yet satisfying fun on multiple levels. Its understated design looks great anywhere, and its iconic sound appeals to people of all ages. The coolest aspect of the DIY Wooden Music Box, however, is the time-tested manner in which it allows you to create music with the included hole puncher and blank paper tape. The three pre-punched strips recreate classic melodies and offer baselines for creating your own music, making this the perfect item for experienced and aspiring music creators.

    Where can the Music Box be used?

    The Music Box can be used anywhere and makes a great addition to any décor. And because there are no cables, batteries, or external power sources needed at all, this item can be brought anywhere and will keep ticking long after your modern entertainment sources have bitten the dust.

    How can I compose my own music?

    Glad you asked! You can easily find and compose your own favorite tracks using the Music Box Composer app on iOS or Android.

    The Music Box can also be used for developing and applying musical literacy

    The simple interface of the included tape strips recreates a real music staff and shows what notes are being played in real time. Thus, one can learn how music notation fundamentally works by observing and interacting with this piece of classic workmanship.

    Who might use this product?

    This product makes a great gift for virtually anyone. Beginner musicians will find the box fun and educational, and experienced musicians will enjoy the immediacy of making tactile compositions. Moreover, the tasteful look our Music Box makes it the perfect gift for anyone who wants to add a classic touch to his or her décor.

    Wooden Music Box Kit Specifications

    The music box itself measures 2.7 inches (6.858 cm) in length, 2.4 inches (6.096 cm) in width, and 2 (5.08 cm) inches in height. Along with the box, you’ll receive three pre-punched paper strips, two blank paper strips, and a hole puncher that allows you to make your own music. The box is 100% handmade from natural wood.

    Additional Info

    This item is totally analog, so no technical expertise is required for setup. To create original melodies, one might benefit from some basic knowledge of music notation. However, this kit is a great way to learn some of the basics of music notation.

    Did you know?

    The mechanical music box was invented by watchmakers in Switzerland in the late 1700s, and this one works in just the same way those first music boxes did.